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Fat Tony's is a virtual Discord hangout for people interested in the writings of Nassim Taleb's Incerto series, and related topics. Expect discussion to include (but not be limited to):

- Anti-fragility

- Convexity

- Non linearity

- Fractals

- Deadlifts

- Fasting

- Complexity theory

- Cellular automata

- Acquiring freedom and f*ck you money.


Fat Tony's hosts a 'Happy Hour' on the video channel EVERY Friday, come and join the fun, grab a beer, and chat shit with fellow Taleb enthusiasts...

Due to the international nature of Fat Tony's, we have two Happy Hour slots on Friday, one Europe-centric, and one US-centric. If you're hardcore, come to both!

Happy Hour 1 - EUROPE:

8pm GMT / 3pm EST / 12 Noon PCT

Happy Hour 2 - USA:

2am GMT / 9pm EST / 6pm PCT

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