In the beginning, there was data

Datablast is Born

June 2013

Datablast is founded in June 2013 by frustrated developers. Awesomeness ensues.

Our First Customer

September 2013

Datablast works with the NHS to develop an Acute Integrated Reporting Platform across London.


November 2014

Datablast launches Answer.tv, an online Q&A video platform.

We Moved

March 2016

Datablast moves to new premises - Paul Street, London and picks up some new customers along the way.

NHS Tools

April 2017

Datablast starts work on NHS Tools, a revolutionary health analytics application.

We are Datablast

July 2017

We changed our name to Datablast (previously Incerto).

Data as a Service

April 2021

Datablast launched Data as a Service (DaaS) service.