Welcome to the new Blog page

Kate Lothian • 2 minute read News

A warm welcome to the new Datablast blog!

Over the coming months, we're hoping to share our journey with you as we pivot from a consultancy to a SaaS based business model. We are currently building our flagship API product.. also named Datablast. Our mission is to become the world’s API. Currently there are several API marketplaces out there, but they all suffer from the same pain points:

You have to subscribe individually for every API

The current API marketplaces charge you a fee for every API you want to use. If you are a medium to large organization, this can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars per month, per API. If you are a smaller business, this can lead to variability and uncertainty in your monthly invoice, and the potential for large fees for one time heavy usage.

They only act as a Marketplace, relying on third party sellers

Would you trust critical infrastructure to a variety of unknown third parties? Us neither. There are a number of security and stability problems associated with using various unknown third party products. What if one goes down? Who do you contact for support? How secure are these third party applications?

Our vision

We want to create the ‘Netflix of APIs’ - You pay one monthly fee for access to ALL of our APIs, to use in any way you wish. There are no royalty fees, commission, or licensing fees - it really is yours to do anything with as you wish. Secondly, we will not host third party APIs; all APIs will be built by ourselves, as part of our core platform. We will also offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. That’s one place for API security, API support and API management.

Speaking of API management, we plan to make it easy for you to manage APIs within your organization. We will offer unlimited APIs keys to every customer, so you can track API usage across your organization with our built in dashboard.

Finally we will offer a ‘custom’ API feature, building bespoke APis to your requirements.

So... there you have it. That’s our plan for the next six months, and we hope to be launching in early 2023. We look forward to you following us on our journey as we build this! Watch this space.